About Us

We create products and connect people and institutions to make and use renewable energy in our critical and collective fight against climate change.

We have joined together with sustainable energy producers, scientists, engineers, farmers, and our fellow citizens to work quickly and collectively against the most urgent and significant challenge humans have faced to date. We are completely committed to taking action and not just talking about the problem. This active approach has inspired us to create these Local Carbon Networks as a real, replicable, and scalable solution. By working together, in our communities, with industry, on our farms, and in our gardens, we can significantly help draw down the carbon in the atmosphere that is at the root of this crisis.

Our backgrounds combine core competencies in science and technology, ecology, agriculture, and project development that we leverage to create Local Carbon Networks around the world. We are integrating rigorous scientific study with innovation in alternative energy and regenerative agriculture and bringing immediate and practical, on-the-ground action to create solutions that are meaningful and sustainable.

Khadija Khansia

Director of LCN

Silvia Sandri

CEO of Newfarm Labs Italy – Director of Business Development in Europe and Africa for ALL Power Labs

Austin Liu

Principle Investigator

Alejandro Abalos

Co-founder of LCN

Jim Mason

Founder & CEO APL

Aidin Massoumi

Project Engineer