The Equipment

The biochar is generated in a gasifier, which also produces electricity and heat, to reduce the need for fossil fuel use.


The Power Pallet is a gasifier genset: it is a refinery integrated with an engine and generator on a single platform. The gasifier subsystem takes biomass as its crude feedstock and refines it into gas, which is immediately used by the engine.

Gasification involves subjecting biomass to the processes of drying, pyrolysis, combustion, cracking, and reduction. Tar cracking breaks down tar gases into carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and other light gases by exposure to high temperatures, and reduction converts charcoal into carbon monoxide and hydrogen by percolating the carbon dioxide and water vapor produced during combustion through hot charcoal. The resulting combustible mixture of combustible gases and atmospheric nitrogen is known as producer gas.

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The Power Pallet by ALL Power Labs is award-winning technology that produces up to 25 kW of electricity, 50 kW of thermal energy, and 1.5 kg of biochar per hour, using 25 kg of dry green waste, such as wood chips or nut shells.

The equipment can run about 12 hours a day and the load can be adjusted according to user needs, having a minimum output requirement of 3 kW electrical.

The equipment needs to be kept in a ventilated environment or outside but protected from the rain and the elements.

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