Composter Kit with Tumbler

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Composter Kit with Tumbler

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$55.00 / month for 12 months


Joraform 270 steel compost tumbler

Monthly delivery of biochar.

Free shipping. 

After the first year you can continue with the biochar only or CSD box subscriptions at a lower monthly fee.

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This insulated steel tumbler allows you to maintain high composting temperatures with relatively small amounts of organic material. It is also resistant to outdoor weather, is easy to tumble and resistant to pests. (sold unassembled, shipped separately) 

View details of the tumbler on the Jora Composters Website or go to their assembly video to see what the assembly entails.

Aside from the tumbler you will receive SkyCarbon biochar which is produced in Berkeley California from locally sourced walnut shells.

The high-temperature biochar is low tar and electrically conductive, to enhance the electron exchange of the microorganisms in your compost pile and allow you to achieve better temperatures and a faster composting process. Addition of biochar to the compost pile has a significant climate impact. Your yearly subscription has a positive climate impact of up to 1 ton CO2e – that is equivalent to 1.3 acres of US forests storing carbon for a year.