CSD Box (Community Supported Drawdown Box)

CSD Box (Community Supported Drawdown Box)

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½  cubic foot bag of biochar

¾  foot bag of woody material

1 pint size packet of bioactive starter

1 pint size packet of finisher


The packaging is entirely compostable and will constitute a necessary part of your “browns”

Local pickup is available in certain areas to save on shipping and carbon footprint, see cart for details

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The compost starter is a bioactive inoculant loaded with bacteria which will jumpstart your compost pile.

The finisher Contains all the 7 types of life found in a healthy soil microbe biome. Add this after composting is complete, and material has cooled to room temperature.

SkyCarbon high temperature biochar is produced in Berkeley, California from locally sourced walnut shells, this high-temperature biochar is low tar and electrically conductive, to enhance the electron exchange of the microorganisms in your compost pile and allow you to achieve better temperatures and a faster composting process.

Once in the soil, the increased cation exchange capacity, will result in a higher plant growth rate.

The Biochar also stimulates the production of humic acid so you will have more compost (and less emissions) starting from the same amount of veggie material.

The untreated and carbon rich woody material is necessary to balance the nitrogen content of your greens in the compost pile. The compostable packaging is part of the “browns” together with the woody material.

Please check in the cart if local pickup is available in your area. This reduces carbon footprint and saves you the shipping cost. If it isn’t available and you would like to arrange it in your area please contact us.