Personal-Scale Carbon Drawdown Kit

960kg of CO2e

Personal-Scale Carbon Drawdown Kit

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$150.00 every 3 months for 12 months


  • Discounted Jora 270 Compost Tumbler
  • 1 cubic ft of SkyCarbon Biochar every 3 months (to be picked up at 1010 Murray Street, Berkeley, CA)
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This insulated steel tumbler allows you to maintain high composting temperatures with relatively small amounts of organic material. It is also resistant to outdoor weather, is easy to tumble and resistant to pests.

The subscription allows you to pay off your tumbler over a full year.

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Produced in Berkeley California from locally sourced walnut shells, our high-temperature biochar is low-tar and conductive, which means that it boosts the electron exchange of the microorganisms in your compost pile, allowing you to achieve better temperatures and a faster-composting process.


Included in this subscription is the Jora Tumbling Composter which accelerates the process even more. This electron-exchange-boosting capacity is specific only to high-temperature biochar like ours and continues in the soil via increased cation exchange capacity, resulting in higher plant growth rate.


The Biochar also stimulates the production of humic acid so you will have more compost (and less emissions) starting from the same amount of veggie material. All biochars will retain water, so you will be able to save water for irrigating. Addition of biochar to the compost pile has a significant climate impact. Please see our Climate Impact page for more info.

CO2 sequestration

Each bag that you purchase has the CO2 sequestration capacity of 20-40kg – that is what 1-2 trees will capture in a year. The total sequestration for the life of the subscription is 480-960kg.