SkyCompost (with Biochar & Biology)

SkyCompost (with Biochar & Biology)

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1 cubic foot bag of premium grade, biology enriched compost blended with SkyCarbon Biochar.

The packaging is compostable.

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“Robust Compost” contains the complete soil microbe biome of wild sourced life forms. 

These include bacteria/archaea, fungi, beneficial nematodes, amoebae, other protozoa and microarthropods, which together are known as the “soil food web” and are nature’s way of cycling nutrients to feed plants.

The addition of high temperature SkyCarbon biochar to the compost allows it to hold nutrients, hold water and increase the cation exchange capacity of the soil while storing “SkyCarbon” in a stable form for hundreds of years. Biochar use is a widely approved carbon drawdown method.