Terni, Italy

Start date:
• Nov. 11, 2018

CO2e capture potential:
• 18 tonne/year

CO2e capture since start:
 • 2.8 tonne

Climate Products:
• Biochar
• Travel Holiday
• Climate Quiz event

Orti in Citta sign
map of EU showing location of Terni, Italy

The biochar is used mainly at the Orti in Città –
the community gardens close to the town of Terni.

At the Orti in Città it is possible to rent a small plot but special needs citizens and the elderly get free plots thanks to an agreement with the Province. What makes the Orti interesting is the ongoing conversation between schools of thought regarding veggie gardening.

We have introduced the first enclosed raised beds but straw covered permaculture mounds had already been introduced by the younger citizens, who constantly receive raised eyebrows by the old school folk! Biochar has been introduced on our plot in a test and control bed. Hopefully, in spring, we will be able to show some exciting pictures as well as win over the interest of the other plots.

The conversion hub is tucked away in the rolling hills of the
St Francis Sacred Valley – it is an active organic farm and learning center.

The Terni LCN has its own 7-hectare organic farm. There are 30kW solar panels on site, 2 Power Pallets and a 200kW substation for going to the grid. Because we have a relatively small production of biochar, we have a local partner, Cogen, who makes high-temperature biochar Most of the wood we convert is local green waste but if we run out we also use walnut shells.

The site is primarily used for farming and learning holidays, as the farmhouse offers sleeping quarters for 4 people. The farm has a river running through it that leads to the scenic Piediluco Lake. Guests have been known to canoe their way to the lake!

Our Climate Products are mainly learning holidays and events, but we also sell Biochar by the bag and Bokashi composting systems.

The farmhouse for rent has one master bedroom with double bed, one study with a single bed and one lounge with comfortable fold out couch that is the size of a three-quarter bed when open. There is a desk in each room for working as well as unobtrusive hanging space for clothes. There is one bathroom with an extra-large shower and a kitchen with fireplace.

Just 2 kilometers down the road there is a stable and horse-riding school. The Piediluco lake is just a 10-minute drive away, as is the nature reserve of Laghi Lungo e Ripasottile that has another 2 tiny lakes. Beautiful medieval hilltop villages in the area are Labro, Greccio (with a Franciscan sanctuary) and Moggio.

While visiting we arrange training days on gasification, biochar co-composting, regenerative agriculture and bokashi composting. We also offer day trips with driver and SPA treatments at the house. Most importantly, each week-long stay at the farm covers the cost of one ton of Biochar that we donate to the Local Community Gardens. That has a climate impact of 49540 kilos of CO2. Contact us now to book your stay this summer, with just 12- week long stays a year we can reach our CO2 objective for 2019!

By purchasing our climate products you can help fund the project


Osvaldo Faccioli

Osvaldo Faccioli

Orti in Città are the main community gardens in Terni, Italy

Paolo Massarelli

Paolo Massarelli

Civil Engineer and Renewable energy entrepreneur - runs a 200kW waste-wood-conversion facility

Silvia Sandri

Silvia Sandri

CEO of Newfarm Labs Italy - Director of Business Development in Europe and Africa for ALL Power LabsDirector of Communications

Map of Terni area showing partner locations