The Technology

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APL’s Power Pallet

The machinery that enables this green-waste to power and sequestration solution is already developed and currently manufactured by All Power Labs (APL) in Berkeley, CA.  The technology is based on the gasification of biomass to produce syngas, then using the syngas to fuel an engine to generate electricity and heat. The byproduct of gasification is biochar, enabling the return-to-soil of carbon and minerals contained in the original biomass.  The result is Combined Heat and Power with Carbon Sequestration (CHPc-), using the “waste” of already captured atmospheric carbon dioxide.

We’ve been delivering evolving forms of this solution around the world since 2011. After years of continuous improvement in the crucible of real world use, the technology and product are now solid and ready to scale. See here for previous APL projects in over 50 countries.

This solution is one of the very few carbon negative emissions scenarios that is currently without major technical or economic hurdles remaining to solve before moving to general market. It’s unique in that it’s ready to deploy today, at climate-relevant numbers and impact.

The Local Carbon Network creates the operational clusters to deploy this innovative technology and complete the green-waste-to-value conversion cycle within local carbon-sheds. The resulting multiple bottomline benefits accrue locally across economy, environment and people.

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