Well-made compost is a soil building and carbon farming method that enhances the quantity and quality of your homegrown herbs, fruits and vegetables.  With our product offering we make your home composting really easy and effective while raising funds to invest in free gardening education to all and free biochar to local community gardens. This increases your climate impact because you are not only doing the work directly but also supporting your Local Carbon Network.

Your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint, and that is ours as well – so if local pickup is available in your area (it will say so in your cart) please consider signing up for local pickup and saving money.  


SkyCarbon Biochar 1 Cubic Foot

SkyCarbon high temperature premium grade biochar – 1 cubic foot package.

Allows 200kg of CO2e impact per package.

SkyCarbon Biochar 4 Cubic Feet

SkyCarbon high temperature premium grade biochar – 4 x 1 cubic foot bags package.

Allows for 800kg of CO2e impact.

There are 5 essential components to create really good compost from food scraps.  

These 5 components are:

  • Kitchen scraps (peels and vegetable scraps, , eggshells, coffee grounds  even small bones if burned first on the barbecue )
  • SkyCarbon, which is high temperature biochar from All Power Labs
  • Woody material (wood fines, saw dust, small wood chips, shredded cardboard ) which adds sufficient carbon to the compost
  • Biological Inoculant with the complete soil microbial biome to introduce the biodiversity of healthy soil (a starter and a finisher) 
  • An insulated composter, or container, which helps with temperature control during the composting process. (We recommend the Joraform tumbler)  


Choose any of the oven products and fill in the missing ingredients to make sure you always have the best compost. Or purchase the ready compost if you are unable to produce your own.