Our Mission

The Local Carbon Network is the carbon drawdown project of ALL Power Labs and it stands on four main pillars or activities

Carbon Drawdown

“We believe the best way to make positive climate impact is through natural processes”

Biomass Pyrolysis is one or the 12 most effective methods indicated by the EPIC Institute for climate change mitigation.

Biochar is a stable form of carbon that stay in the soil for hundreds and even thousands of years.

The IPCC has recognized biochar as Negative Emissions Technology.

Including Biochar in composting processes will multiply its climate impact through methane and N20 reduction, and increased carbon retention.

Regenerative Agriculture

“We believe that regenerative agriculture is the path to food resiliency”

Regenerative agriculture focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration, increasing resilience to climate change, and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.

A study by Ecdysis Foundation tells us regenerative agriculture is more profitable than conventional systems because even though the yield is smaller the expenses are lower and the product quality and sale price is higher for the harvested product.

Regenerative agriculture can be practiced in small areas and can therefore be applied effectively in urban areas as a means of assuring food resiliency within the community.

We promote regenerative agriculture by donating biochar, by providing free education and by providing visibility to the community gardens in each project area.


“We believe that education is key to active participation”

We use part of the funding obtained from the biochar sales to offer free education on composting, home gardening, biochar use, biochar production and climate change.

We hold monthly workshops on specific topics and with schools in the US and in Europe and are available for online and in person talks and workshops at local businesses, schools, associations and churches of all denominations.

Circular Economy & Community

“We believe in repurposing waste into products that add value to the community.”

Circular economy is endorsed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and by the governments of many countries.

Looking beyond the current take-make-waste extractive industrial model, a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits and decoupling economic activity from the finite resources on the planet.

We are doing our part by designing out waste and pollution in the local food chain, by generating renewable electricity in the process, by regenerating natural systems and even generating whole new natural systems in urban areas.

We also reach out and identify organic “waste” in our local communities to transform into the nourishment our food needs.

We are a project of ALL Power Labs, a company who is part of a larger nascent industry that is working to bring the carbon negative Gasification + Biochar + Energy solution to the global market in truly usable and consequential product forms.  APL has previously enabled the growth of this industry by open sourcing its gasifier reactor designs, as well as sharing related science and engineering knowledge with researchers and educational institutions around the world.

Over the last 9 years, APL has developed and delivered progressively maturing forms of small scale gasification technology to over 50 countries around the world.