Benefits of Biochar

SkyCarbon Biochar has a Surface Area Correlation of 496 m2/g, making it an ideal home for microorganisms and water molecules as well as catalyst for biological processes.

Benefits for composting activities and agriculture

  • Higher composting temperatures¬†
  • Reduced odour of pile
  • Increased water/nutrient holding capacity in soil
  • Increased mycorrhization in soil
  • Increased nitrate retention
  • Increased immune response in plants
  • Reduced need for fertiliser use

Benefits for the environment

  • Up to 40kg of climate impact per kg of biochar applied
  • Scientifically recognized drawdown method
  • Drastic reduction in nitrous oxide and methane emissions in the pile
  • Continued reduction of nitrous oxide emission in soil
  • Binding an immobilisation of pollutants
  • Prevents particulate matter emissions as per open combustion.
  • Offsets fossil fuel use.

Benefits of producing biochar as a part of green waste recycling projects

  • Avoid trucking green waste over long distances burning diesel
  • Get electricity and heat out of the green waste instead of just letting that value go up in smoke
  • The production of biochar converts a waste stream into a value stream.

And if you like to know all the science, please read our white paper